Vinyl Covered Drywall

Vinyl faced board gypsum panels, covered with vinyl wall coverings, are attractive and durable.

To construct office partitions, pre-finished gypsum panels are typically attached to both sides of generic 2 1/2 metal studs using edge clips. Panel erection is done in a progressive fashion which also provides easy dismantling should any future retrofit be desired.

The use of a variety of pre-finished trims completes the installation. It is a simple, flexible and cost effective system to build.


  • Install in one third of the time of conventional drywall
  • The dust and debris associated with drywall is virtually eliminated


  • Bank Drive-thru Canopies
  • Hospitals
  • Parking Garages
  • Food Processing


Vinyl Covered Drywall Hallway
Vinyl Covered Drywall Hallway Lane
Vinyl Covered Drywall Office Space
Vinyl Covered Drywall Office
Vinyl Covered Drywall Room Entrance
Vinyl Covered Drywall Office Corner