Pre-laminated FRP panels to any substrate are the answer for any wall and ceiling installation

Pre-laminated FRP Panels

The resulting Pre-Lam FRP has a structural strength and rigidity, allowing fast and easy installation directly to the stud of wall or ceiling. We laminate these panels to a capacity of 160+ panels a day with very quick turn around for deliveries.

Our adhesives are custom formulated for the expansion and contraction of the product giving you the best possible hold in all temperature conditions.


  • Modular Trailers, Car Washes, Washrooms, Showers, Corridors, Kitchens
  • Agricultural Applications for Barns and Horse Stalls
  • Commercial Applications for Restaurants, Food Processing Plants, Convenience Stores, Washrooms
  • Our Pre-Lam FRP panels are laminated in house and are available in different options
  • Smooth or Embossed FRP surfaces (0.06 & 0.090) and available in any standard size building substrate (OSB,Plywood, Gypsum, and Fluted polypropylene.)
  • Sizes: 4' x 8', 9, 10', and 12'


Refer to our vinyl molding sheet for stocked vinyl moldings for our pre-lam FRP System.

Contact us for any installation inquires or product knowledge.

Vinyl Trim for FRP Pre-Lam System (Stocked in white only):

  • V-117 T-Bar 8'
  • V-55 2 Pc Division Bar 8'
  • V-41 1/2" EndCap 8'
  • V-121 1 1/2" Large ISC 8'
  • V-123 1 1/2" Large Stock in White Only 8'

Click Here for Liquid Diamond Products Ltd. Vinyl Mouldings - PDF - 139 KB

Gypsum Gypsum
Plywood Plywood
Fluted Poly Fluted Poly