Decorative Wall Panels

Liquid Diamond Products offers its clients a wide variety of decorative sanitary wall panels for many different applications. Combining decorative and sutle finishes with durable, and sanitary characteristics it creates a great product from front of the house applications.

Available Products

  • Varietex FRP Panels (3 different textures)
  • Martex FRP Panels (Tile Look a like)
  • Symmetrix FRP Panels (Tile Look a like)
  • Artizan FRP Panels
  • FRL Reinforced Laminate
  • Marlite Wainscotting
  • Graphic FRP Panels (Envue)


  • School Hallways
  • Cafeterias
  • Hospital Waiting Rooms
  • Day Care Centers
  • Restrooms
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Health Club Lobbies

Varietex FRP Panels

Varietex panels are perfect for use in "front room" areas where a sanitary and durable yet aesthetically pleasing finish is needed. With a variety of textures in earth tone colors, the Varietex panel is an economical decorative panel.

Upgrade the standard embossed finish of FRP panels with a sandstone, linen, cedar or beaded finish.

Click Here for Liquid Diamond Products Ltd. Varietex FRP Panels Brochure - PDF - 288 KB

Varietex Sand Stone Varietex Sand Stone
Varietex Linen Varietex Linen
Varietex Beaded Varietex Beaded
Matrex FRP Panels Matrex FRP Panels

Matrex FRP Panels (Tile Look Alike)

Matrex panels are perfect for use in "front room" areas where a sanitary and durable yet aesthetically pleasing finish is needed, but the hassle of tile is not!

Tile never cleaned so easily! The Matrex panel has a high gloss gelcoat surface available with a standard 4" x 4" tile pattern. The grout lines are sealed for easy maintenance, avoiding the grimy build up encountered with regular tile.

Symmetrix FRP Panels

Symmetrix Scored FRP
Easy Wiping

Symmetrix Scored FRP clearly replaces ceramic tile walls because it looks better, wears better and lasts longer. It also installs faster and is easier to clean and maintain - making it more economical, by far.

Symmetrix's precision scored grooves provide a clean, uniform appearance. And coated with Marlite's Sani-Coat sealer, the grooves don't deteriorate like tile grout lines. Sani-Coat protects the entire surface against moisture, scratching, staining, mold and mildew. Plus the tough FRP substrate provides outstanding impact resistance - won't crack. Panels can be simply wiped clean.

Click Here for Liquid Diamond Products Ltd. Symmetrix FRP Panels Brochure - PDF - 276 KB

Artizan FRP

Artizan FRP

Artizan FRP wall panel system lets you design beautiful, affordable interiors for high wear spaces. Featuring a superb array of decorative printed rotogravure finishes with exceptional image integrity. Each finish is protected by our tough Sani-coat sealer. And so easy to install because it's FRP!

Artizan special formula FRP, with silicone-coated joinery and Sani-Coat sealer, functions like a monolithic membrane wall surface. It's highly resistant to moisture, stains, bacteria, mold and mildew. Wipes clean easily with standard cleaning solutions - so important in today's healthcare environments.

FRL Reinforced Panels

FRL Reinforced Panels

FRL combines a balanced reinforced laminate paneling for use as protective wall panels and wainscoting.

Whether it's the challenge of shopping carts filled with groceries navigating the aisles of a busy supermarket, the clamor of rolling gurneys guided by EMTs as they burst through the trauma center doors of a large metropolitan hospital, or the exuberant play of preschoolers in their classroom, the superior performance of Panolam's Fiber Reinforced Laminate can stand up to it all.

Class A fire rated for flame spread and smoke development. Solid, monolithic construction.

High-impact strength, and a durable, easy to clean surface. A variety of seam treatments are available. Greenguard certified for indoor air quality.

Marlite Wainscotting

Marlite Plank and Wood Molding is a simple interlocking decorative wall panel system used primarily for wainscot and, sometimes, full wall installation. It features 16" wide tongue and groove panels that fit together precisely - resulting in inconspicuous joints when used in conjunction with scorelines. The decorative wall panel systems are pre-finished, with wood molding profiles stained or painted to match the panels. The result is a distinctive look with a durable and economical wall panel solution for your commercial interior design.

Marlite Wainscotting
Graphic FRP Panels

Graphic FRP Panels

Now you've got it all in one amazing new feature wall system. New capability to design hi-res photo or graphics mural walls that create a stunning visual effect - on a tough, sanitary surface. Envue FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) wall panels provide optimum graphic reproduction, protected by Marlite's Sani-Coat sealer. Installed panels are resistant to moisture, stains, mold and mildew - and are easily wiped clean. Tough FRP won't crack, has excellent impact resistance.