Welcome To Liquid Diamond Western Canadian distributors of wall protection and plastic products. We offer our clients a wide variety of solutions from sanitary and decorative wall systems to custom fabricated plastics. We supply and / or install all of our wall systems with decades of product knowledge and professional installation.
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FRP PanelsFRP Panels
  • Canada's Leading FRP Distributor
  • 4'x8',9',10',12' & rolls (stocked)
  • Panolam,Kemlite,Glasteel,Marlite
  • Class C and A fire rating, textured & smooth surfaces
  • Technical and knowledgeable staff
  • Insulated FRP building panels
  • Pre-laminated FRP to any substrate
  • Adhesives, rivets and trowels
  • 5 experienced installation crews
  • Any Specification can be met
Wall Protection Wall Protection
  • Korogard, Acroyvn, IPC
  • Hand, Chair and Bumper rails
  • Thermoformed 4 pc corners
  • Surface mount corners
  • Stainless steel channels & corners
  • Door and door jam protectors
  • Any specification can be met
  • 5 experienced installation crews
Prelaminated FRP Panels Prelaminated FRP Panels
  • Wall and ceiling installation
  • Fast and easy installation
  • OSB
  • Gypsum
  • Structural strength and rigidity
  • Custom lamination
  • Plywood
  • Fluted Poly
Decorative Wall PanelsDecorative Wall Panels
  • FRL Reinforced Laminate
  • Artizan FRP wall panels
  • FRP Select panels
  • Matrix Grid panels
  • Graphic FRP panels
  • Plastic Laminate
  • Marlite Wainscotting
  • 5 experienced installation crews
Plastic Sheet Stock Plastic Sheet Stock
  • Fibreglass (FRP) panels
  • PVC (Korogard / Acrovyn / IPC)
  • Puckboard (HDPE)
  • Polyboard (HDPE)
  • Acrylics & Lexans
  • Thin Wall Polycarb
  • UHMW Panels
Agricultural Industrial ProductsAgricultural Industrial Products
  • Corrugated PVC panels
  • Pre-lam FRP to any substrate
  • FRP grating and structural
  • Translucent panels
  • St/St and primza fasteners
  • Interlocking PVC (fluted)
  • FRP & Puckboard panels
Installation Installation
  • 5 experienced installation crews
  • Any size commercial or industrial project anywhere in Western Canada
  • Estimating supply and/or install pricing